Pros & Cons of Moving to Wollongong

Wollongong is a popular destination for those wanting a sea change. Professionals, families, university students, and property investors all choose Wollongong for very good reasons.

You might be one of the clever people seeking a sea change to Wollongong. Today, we'll look at what makes Wollongong so unique and the common pros and cons associated with moving to Wollongong. Once you're done reading, you'll be ready to book your moving truck or hire new home builders for that special Wollongong property your eye may be on.

Why more people are moving to Wollongong

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Wollongong provides a unique combination of a laid-back lifestyle with plenty to fill the weekends, along with work and study opportunities.

Figures released in 2021 by the Commonwealth Bank and Regional Australia Institute revealed that Wollongong was the local government area with the fourth largest amount of growth from regional migration in 2021. This is the highest growth for any NSW town.

People are seeking new pastures across the country, primarily due to the pandemic, with migration rates exceeding the levels recorded before covid. Much of the population moving to regional towns and seaside suburbs have previously been city dwellers. Many of which are now recognising the benefits of a slower, sunnier, more relaxed lifestyle.

Flexible work agreements and continued pandemic fallout are likely to continue to support the migration rates to regional parts of Australia, encouraging a more balanced population and positive growth overall.

Pros and Cons of Relocating to Wollongong

Here's a quick chart of all the pros and cons we've compiled in our list.

Pros of Moving to Wollongong
✓ Great Beaches
✓ Affordable Housing
✓ Proximity to Sydney
✓ Rich Local Culture
✓ Education Opportunities
Cons of Moving to Wollongong
X Higher Unemployment Rate
X Limited Nightlife
X Less medical options

If you'd like more details on how we decided each of these factors, keep reading.

Pros of Wollongong

There are many reasons to love Wollongong. We've highlighted five of the most popular reasons people choose to relocate to Wollongong.

Great beaches 

Some of NSW's best beaches are in Wollongong, within easy distance to most residential areas and minutes to the CBD. Beachside living can do wonders for your blood pressure, mental health, fitness, and overall joy in life. 

Wollongong local's favourite beach spots include:

  • Beach Cove 
  • Wollongong City Beach 
  • Coledale Beach 
  • Wattamolla Beach 
  • Stanwell Park Beach 

With the proximity of many beaches to the CBD, locals can enjoy quick beach runs, after-work dips, or picnic lunches. What's not to love?!

Affordable housing 

Compared to the average cost of NSW homes, Wollongong provides an affordable solution. If you want to grow your investment portfolio, Wollongong provides a rich opportunity with a recently boosted economy, an attractive lifestyle, tourism spending and infrastructure support.

The land is often cheaper to buy than in neighbouring cities; investors can expect a high rental yield, and homeowners can often maintain their equity as the population grows. 

Proximity to Sydney

There aren't many places in Australia as exciting and abundant as Sydney. Just a 1.5-hour drive away from Wollongong, locals can enjoy a life filled with new and exciting experiences, from theatre to sporting events.

Additionally, if you don't mind a long commute, the work opportunities are endless in Sydney. Trains travel directly into Sydney from Wollongong hourly. 

Rich local culture

If long train rides aren't your thing, Wollongong provides plenty of entertainment and culture-boosting opportunities without needing to leave the shire.

The Illawarra Performing Arts Centre, Merrigong, is right in the middle of Wollongong, offering a diverse range of live performances from musical theatre to comedy and more.

Just 2 minutes away from the theatre sits the Illawarra Museum and Historical Society. The museum offers a revolving calendar of new and exciting events that will fill the weekends of tourists and locals alike. 

Education opportunities 

Ask young people in small towns across NSW about their university plans, and many will say 'The University of Wollongong'. The University of Wollongong's campus is absolutely beautiful, complimented by its own set of free range ducks. Uni students a range of innovative facilities and a wide selection of class and study options.

In addition to UOW, Wollongong offers many education options for families with young children. Schools offer education from kinder through to higher education, keeping the kids under one roof as they learn and grow.

Cons of Wollongong 

Although there are less cons on our list, there are still a few drawbacks to relocating to Wollongong. Here are three reasons some may choose not to move here.

Higher unemployment rate than average 

Some people move to Wollongong to relax and unwind from the pressures of city life. Studies show that Wollongong has a higher unemployment rate than average, at 7.1%, compared to the 5.6% of Australia's average.

Many people move to Wollongong to start small businesses or enjoy a relaxed work-life balance. Like any big move, securing work before relocating is a wise choice. 

Lack of nightlife 

Wollongong isn't known for pumping clubs and early morning closing times. While there is a thriving dining scene in Wollongong and the Illawara region, if you're in the party stage of your life, you may prefer Sydney. However, this is exactly why young families and retirees enjoy living in the area. Wollongong dishes out a quiet and calm community atmosphere. 

Not a vast selection of local medical options 

Living anywhere regional will provide a barrier to some aspects of comprehensive healthcare.

Wollongong Hospital does provide generalised care. But if you have specialised medical needs, you may need a plan in place to get to Sydney for these appointments.

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