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A perfect piece of land can be hard to find, and if you're lucky enough to have a well-situated property in Wollongong, you may not want to let it go. If you've got the worst house in the best street or on the best block of land, a knockdown rebuild is your solution. You can get a new home while maintaining your ocean views, holding onto your North-facing corner block or staying in your friendly neighbourhood. Knockdown rebuilds are becoming the popular choice for major renovation lovers, enabling them to demolish their existing home and build a new one in its place. This can be an affordable, efficient and exciting process towards your dream home, that enables you to avoid another set of council fees or restrictions, move to a new location or worry about finding schools or employment in a new area. No longer do you need to put up with the quality of your home not matching the beauty or opportunity of your land. Build the kind of home that will bring the best from your land, and stay in your ideal location, with a knockdown rebuild.
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What is a Knockdown and Rebuild?

A knockdown rebuild is a perfect solution for when you love where you live but not what you live in. Knockdown rebuilds include the whole process from demolition of the old home to the construction of your dream home. A knockdown rebuild is a popular choice for savvy investors who may find an ideal block of land in a quality neighbourhood, with an old house that may take too many renovations to improve. Additionally, a knockdown rebuild may make an affordable home achievable for first home buyers, or bring an opportunity for the construction of townhouses. Make your home stylish, improve your lifestyle and complete your house dream with a knockdown rebuild, all without changing schools, losing friends or uprooting your family.
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Benefits of a ProfessionalKnockdown Rebuild Service

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A knockdown rebuild can be a more affordable, attainable and stress free process than renovating your old home, with no hidden surprises or extra costs. Land packages are often the most costly aspect of building a new home, and by building on your existing block, you are removing a large portion of the cost. With a knockdown rebuild, your new home will feature all of your favourite ideas and details, while sticking to your budget. New homes are earlier to maintain, cheaper to run and more sustainable long term, and you'll notice the difference in your power bills from day one. A knockdown rebuild is an informed and budget-friendly way to achieve your new home in exactly the area that suits you.
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With over 45 years of combined construction experience, A-Class Building and Construction have the skill and passion to bring your knock down rebuild dreams a reality. With professionalism and expertise, the A-Class team will work with you every step of the way, from the planning stages and design to seeking council approval, knocking down and rebuilding. Complete your lifestyle with confidence with builders who will exceed your expectations every time. To talk to one of our experts or to get started on the knock down rebuild process, give us a call, or fill in your details to get a free quote and one of our builders will be in touch.
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