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Have you outgrown your existing home and are you faced with two options; should you move to a bigger home or make your current home bigger? If you don’t want the expense and effort of moving, then a home extension or addition might be what you are looking for.

Benefits of a Professional Extensions and Additions Service

Home extension and additions mean that you want to extend your home, whether at the ground floor level or by adding another level upwards. You can also do both – extending your home both up and out.
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When it comes to extensions and additions, we recommend you engage a qualified professional builder. Too often we have seen evidence of when a home owner decides to ‘do it themselves’ and the work is either never finished or the work is completed to a less than professional standard that can sometimes lead to more problems. This can include missed inspections from certifying authorities (councils and building certifiers) meaning the building works may be unsafe. This can then lead to more problems when the owner tries to sell the house.

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality building projects completed and certified to all relevant standards.

A-ClassBuilding & Construction for Your Home Extensions and Additions

A Class Building & Construction are specialists in the design and construction of additions, extensions, alterations and renovations. We can provide a complete service from concept, design and construction to the completion of your project.

A Class Building & Construction we are here to provide the expertise to realise your dream of a beautiful, spacious home. Our team makes home extensions and additions easy and stress free. Our team comprises experts - designers, builders and approval specialists – working side by side with you to transform your existing home into your dream home.

With us, you can take advantage of home design solutions that fit your family requirements as well as budget. Whether your goal is to modernise and make better use of the existing space, increase the size of your existing home by extending, or energy efficiency we can assist you in every step of the process to achieve the building outcome you want.

We can guide you every step of the way as your home is transformed. Starting from the initial consultation with us, design, approval and construction, we can help make this process as simple and straightforward as possible.
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Booking a building consultation is the perfect way to meet our team and get answers about building your dream home. At your consult, our friendly and experienced builders can advise you on everything from planning and design to cost and budgets and can use this time to begin developing a detailed quote and plan of attack that meets your needs.
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