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Granny flats have come a long way from simply housing grannies. Now available as multiple bedroom granny flats or two-storey granny flats, granny flat designs are small units either attached or separated from a single main dwelling on the same block of land. Granny flats feature the same quality construction that you should expect in an average-sized home and can be as packed out with features or as minimal as required to suit your unique needs.

Granny flats offer the perfect solution for a range of situations, from housing elderly or disabled family members or providing a teenage retreat, home office solution or pool house. Granny flats are becoming more and more common as the housing market heats up, making independence more affordable for many different demographics.

A granny flat is self-contained and can host an extensive range of features including a full-sized kitchen, bathrooms and multiple levels. Stylish granny flats are popping up in the backyards and properties of homeowners all across Australia.

With the granny flat specialists at A-Class Building and Construction, your dream granny flat is more achievable than you may think.

The Benefits ofGranny Flats

Granny flat development has come leaps and bounds over the years, and there are now many more benefits to living in a granny flat than providing a simple roof over the head of a loved one.

Building a granny flat has many obvious benefits, and some that you may not have considered, including:

Complete Customisation

Granny flat designs are capable of including many unique features and inclusions in order to ensure clever use of every square inch of space. World-class, modern amenities along with smart style and design bring a modern difference to granny flats to make them the perfect home extensions.

We are proud to offer full customisation of our granny flats to ensure that your project is completed to perfection.

Make the most of your backyard

With a granny flat, suddenly the empty space that you need to weed and mow every week has a purpose that will not only bring lifestyle benefits but financial ones. Whether your home is an investment property or you're simply looking for extra room, a granny flat can bring financial value and other benefits to an otherwise useless space.

The option to build small and tall with a granny flat means that your yard can still be used for gardening and parties, serving two benefits.


For those looking to reduce their carbon footprint, building a granny flat is a wonderful solution thanks to its smaller size and a reduction of overall energy consumption. Building from scratch enables you to make eco-conscious decisions for appliances and inclusions, lowering cost and output overall.

Build your dream home for less

The beauty of building a granny flat is that you can have the same quality work in the final product that you should expect in your dream home. Building a typical sized home from scratch can be incredibly expensive and take a long time to complete. Enjoy the luxury of personalised customisation right down to the wall colour and finishings with our granny flat specialists.

Why Work With an A ClassGranny Flat Builder

We have been building for over 45 years of combined experience within the Wollongong region with a passion to create the highest quality results for each and every client. We provide accurate estimates and a guarantee of quality workmanship, delivered right on time. 

Some of the perks you can expect when choosing A-Class builders in Wollongong for your granny flat include: 

  • We involve our client throughout the whole process from design to construction;
  • We can offer knowledge and advice on the design and construction of your granny flat to meet all relevant standards;
  • We have an excellent track record of happy and satisfied clients who are the proud owners of a new home or granny flat; and
  • We offer a wide variety of designs
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At A-Class Building & Construction we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution, especially when it comes to building granny flats. We understand that every family is different and so are the needs of your granny flat. Your site, budgets, preferences and individual requirements will be different from other clients - this is why our aim is to deliver customised building services that will meet your needs.
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Why Work With an A ClassGranny Flat Builder

Whether you're simply looking for extra space for family or creating a home office project, it can be helpful to know the details before undertaking your granny flat build. 

The general steps we will take to create your granny flat include:

  1. Design and approval process

From our initial meeting, we will create your dream granny flat design depending on what you want to accomplish, what we can build in your space and how much you can spend from your budget. From here we submit a development application and relevant paperwork to get all approvals ASAP. Once we receive relevant approvals, we will schedule the build process and order your chosen materials, securing everything we need to avoid hiccups along the way.

  1. Prepare the property

We will prepare the site for the build by clearing any debris and obstacles while ensuring there's enough space for our materials and tools to not impact your day to day life. Your neighbours will need to be informed that our team will be working on your site as per council regulations.

  1. Slab and foundations

This is the stage where you can start seeing your granny flat come to life with the slab and framework showing you exactly where your granny flat will stand. You can now start imagining how you will make the most of your remaining yard and the space around your granny flat.

  1. Frame

We use the strongest timber or steel to set out your internal and external bearings. With the approval of your site supervisor or project manager, you may be able to walk around your new granny flat and see exactly where each bedroom and window will be. From here, you can make furnishing and decoration decisions based on details such as the best sunlight and airflow in your new granny flat.

  1. Lock up

The lock-up phase involves closing the granny flat completely, including the doors, windows, roof and guttering. From here we can lay the external brickwork or colourbond and you can step back and marvel at the stunning facade of your new granny flat.

  1. Interior details

As everything is now lockable and weatherproof, we will work on the interior fixtures such as your electrics, plumbing, insulation and plasterboard. From here we can begin your kitchen install including cabinets, appliances and your oven.

  1. Flooring and style

This is where your granny flat starts to look like a real home, matching the interior with your main home style and exterior features, or having it stand out as its very own style. We will install the final tiling, shower screens, paint and accessories including both creature comforts and essentials.

  1. Handover

And just like that, it's time to receive your keys and enjoy your new granny flat. We will do one last inspection to ensure everything is exceeding code and functioning perfectly while making sure the quality workmanship we are known for is intact. After a good clean and check, your granny flat is all yours to enjoy.

Build Your Dream Granny Flat Today With OurGranny Flat Specialists

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Show your loved ones how much you care for them and increase the value of your property by considering a granny flat build on your property. We have an extensive range of multiple bedroom granny flats, single bedroom granny flats or simple studios to inspire you, and with our experienced team - you can select the best for your property, budget and needs.

A Class Building & Construction can help you to design and create an affordable housing solution.
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