Unlock the Potential of Your Property: Discover the Benefits of a Knock Down Rebuild in the Illawarra Region

If you've been dreaming of a home that doesn't cost the earth to run, that accommodates everyone in your family or a home that will appeal to buyers, a knock down rebuild might be the way to go. 

If you've got yourself a fixer-upper in the Illawarra region, read on to find out why more homeowners are choosing to knock them down and start from scratch. 

Why people choose the Illawarra region to knock down and rebuild

The beautiful Illawarra region, just 70 km south of Sydney and nestled between mountains and the coast, includes the local government areas of Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama. While it has a population of just over 300,000, the Illawarra has the third-largest economy in NSW. Previously home to much heavy industry, the Illawarra's economic base now consists primarily of tourism, education and healthcare. 

A knock down rebuild, where an existing house is demolished and replaced with a new building, is a popular choice not just for newcomers to the Illawarra but also for longtime residents who can't imagine living away from the region's beautiful landscapes and beaches. Repositioning a home to take advantage of the area's stunning views is one of the most common reasons for a knock down rebuild. 

House prices on the NSW south coast have soared over the past decade. Good connectivity and proximity to Sydney mean that as house prices have risen there, so too have they risen in the Illawarra region. This has resulted in more people deciding to knock down and rebuild in order to gain access to an increasingly competitive market. 

Cost advantages of a knock down rebuild

While it may seem like a big investment, starting from scratch with a knock down rebuild in the Illawarra Region can save you money in the long term. 

  • Land value: For long-term residents, it's likely that your block of land has appreciated in value since you purchased it, even if your home has seen better days. For newcomers to the region, finding a vacant block of land can be more difficult than finding a suitable block of land with a home already on it. 
  • Beat the price rises: As energy and water costs rise, building a more sustainable home with 'green' features that better suit your environment can help you save money over the long term.
  • Save on maintenance: An older home requires substantially more maintenance than a new build, and new builds often come with warranties to give you peace of mind for the first few years in your new home.
  • More cost-effective than renovations: Depending on the condition of the existing home and how well it suits your needs, a rebuild — where costs can be controlled from the outset — can be easier on your budget while taking the same amount of time as a renovation. 
  • Customised layout: A brand new home design allows you to style it for your specific needs, whether that be increasing the living space or adding a granny flat or studio to house extended family or older children. 
  • Increase the home's value: A high-quality new build will most definitely increase the resale value of your home if you do decide to leave the neighbourhood. 
  • Save money on stamp duty: With a knock down rebuild, you won't have to pay transfer or stamp duty as you would if you were purchasing a new home.
  • Potential for dual living: Building from scratch allows you to make use of the best parts of your block. For example, building a two-storey home to capture views could decrease your home's footprint and allow you to build a second residence.  

How much does a knock down rebuild cost? 

The cost of knocking down an existing home and building your dream house in its place will depend on many factors, including:

  • Demolition costs (dependent upon access, if your home has asbestos, etc.) 
  • Site costs, which are dependent upon the topography of your block of land and soil type.
  • The size and style of your new home and the materials it is made of.
  • Inclusions and any costs you have to bear yourself (fencing, for example).
  • Landscaping.

How long does a knock down rebuild take? 

A knock down rebuild in the Illawarra region can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months. However, this will depend on the work required for your new home build, which is based on its size and complexity. The timeline can also be affected by factors, including the availability of materials, the weather, and the availability of tradespeople. 

The first step in a knock down rebuild is to demolish the existing home. While this usually takes around two weeks, it will depend on the size of the property and issues, such as access to your block, whether asbestos is present in the current home and if you plan to keep any character features.  

New home designs to better suit your lifestyle 

As mentioned above, building from scratch can allow you to customise a floor plan for increased functionality, and the building process will likely see you end up with a home that's cheaper to run and decreases your environmental footprint. 

Creating a sustainable, energy-efficient home in the Illawarra region not only acts as insurance against rising utility bills but is also a sought-after feature of new homes that will pay off with prospective home buyers should you choose to sell in the future. 

Choose a builder that calls the Illawarra region home

Making the decision to knock down your existing home and rebuild it from the ground up can be daunting. There are pros and cons that need to be carefully considered if you want to stay in your current location or for new homebuyers looking to enter the region's market and go through the rebuilding process. For example, you need to consider where you'll live during the rebuild process. 

Choosing a local builder can make building your dream home a smoother process. Local construction experts will be more aware of local requirements for council approval and restrictions and will likely have connections with local building supply companies and tradespeople. 

From expansive acreage home designs to dream homes on smaller lots, A Class Building and Construction is an award-winning home builder in the Illawarra region that's committed to delivering their clients luxury homes through a collaborative, in-house approach.  

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We're a custom home builder that guarantees quality 

If your home is in desperate need of improvement or it's simply not working for your family, contact Illawarra and Wollongong builder A Class Building and Construction to book a building consultation today. 

We aim to keep you satisfied every step of the way as you bring your dream home to life. Contact us on (02) 4208 3704 or see our website for more inspiration. 

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