How to Choose a Builder For Your New Illawarra Home

Whether you are new to the region, escaping Sydney, or are a local like us, nothing compares to the beauty of the Illawarra region. When it comes to settling down permanently and building your dream home in Illawarra, you might be wondering if you need a builder who can help you customise your design for your family's needs.

So today, let's look at the different types of home builders in the Illawarra region and how to choose the best one for your needs.

The two main types of home builders

Having your home design set in stone with an off-the-plan builder can be a good value for money for the budget-conscious. But if you plan on building your forever home, you may require more flexibility to achieve the level of luxury you've been dreaming of.

Having a say in the building process and choosing your fittings and fixtures is important for some in-home buildings, while others may prefer to have all the decisions made for them. So here are some things to consider when it comes to choosing the right builder for you.

1. Custom home builders

Sleek and modern designed kitchen

Custom home builders construct one-of-a-kind houses designed specifically for the site and tailored to suit a client's needs. They follow an architect's blueprints and provide high-quality workmanship. Working on just a few projects simultaneously offers home builders more flexibility and choice.

Before you hire a home builder, consider the following:

  • They offer high professionalism, which can help forge a better working relationship.
  • They give you flexibility with floor plans. For example, you can make a bedroom or bathroom smaller to accommodate a bigger kitchen, living room, or family room for entertaining.
  • They can be hired to remodel or renovate your existing home or complete additions to your property, such as granny flats.
  • They allow you to have a greater say on the look of the interior and exterior of your home. 
  • Before signing a contract, you must examine quotes carefully for additional inclusions such as site preparation works, a basement or a deck.

2. Project home builders

Two storey building with outdoor lighting

Project home builders are generally large companies that offer set designs with standard inclusions for specific-sized blocks. They often build hundreds of the same homes each year. They are cost-effective, sometimes offering house and land packages, and often have display homes for clients to view.

Keep these things in mind before you hire a project home builder:

  • This option can suit young families or first-home buyers because of the speed at which they are built.
  • There is no need to select materials for complex areas such as facades, windows or doors, roofs or siding.
  • Some project builders can offer packages with inclusions such as landscaping, a porch or extra garage features.
  • Large companies can have a display home or display centres to give you a better idea of the look of your home upon completion.
  • You generally can not alter the floor plan or request upgrades on inclusions.

How do I find a good home builder in Illawarra?

Google search of luxury home builder Illawarra

When choosing a home builder, you want someone who will help you construct a unique home with high-end finishes that make the most of your site.

One of the best ways to find the perfect team to build your dream home in Illawarra is to seek testimonials or recommendations from friends. Great builders will have plenty of repeat customers who will employ them repeatedly because they know they can be trusted to build to a standard of excellence. 

If you type 'home builder' or 'luxury home builder' into Google, you'll find many companies offering their services. But when it comes to finding professionals to build your dream home or work on your renovation or extension, you want a team with plenty of local experience who can guarantee 100% satisfaction upon job completion.

What makes A Class Building and Construction the best builders in Illawarra?

A Class Building and Construction won't just impress you with the quality of our work. We also offer excellent customer service, open communication, and plenty of advice. After all, we have more than 45 years of experience building in the Illawarra region.

Browse some of our past projects here!

We have built many homes in Wollongong

Whether you are looking to move to Wollongong or are a long-time resident, A Class Building and Construction provides the local advantage. Wollongong brands itself as the "city of innovation, " making us the perfect fit for your home-building project. We pride ourselves on our adaptability and bring the latest building methods and technology to our custom home builds.

We have a proven track record as Wollongong home builders, with more than 15 years of experience in the area, helping residents create their ideal homes. This makes us industry experts in the site constraints unique to the local area, including building around bushfires and flood zones and on sloping blocks.

So, whether you're looking to construct a granny flat to capitalise on the influx of tourists to the region in recent years, or you're ready to knock down and rebuild your current home, we are well positioned to help you.

We Cover Shellharbour & Kiama

A small coastal enclave south of Wollongong, Shellharbour is known for its iconic surf breaks and world-class snorkelling and diving experiences. As locals ourselves, we are well-equipped to deal with the elements you face when building so close to the coast.

We also have a vast knowledge of state and local planning laws and regulations and can help guide you through the approval process.

In recent years, Illawarra house prices have surged in the region's three Wollongong, Shellharbour, and Kiama cities as city dwellers escape from Sydney and search for a seachange.

Kiama is being called 'the new Byron Bay', and the already in-demand area's property market has continued to boom. Property prices in Kiama have risen more than elsewhere in Australia in recent years.

So, if you are considering building a new home or upgrading your existing home, now is the time to cash in on Kiama's growing prosperity.

Call A Class Building and Construction or book a building consultation with us.

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