Coledale - Granny Flat

two storey house made of bricks and timber cladding
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Details of Coledale - Granny Flat

This job was designed to meet the client’s requirements as an energy efficient home which catered for her high sensitivities to VOC gases etc. The home was designed by Progenia architects which consisted of a granny flat and main dwelling situated on land which had an existing cottage on it.

We removed the existing dwelling and replaced it with the granny flat which was meant to be built first so the owners could move in while the main house was being built.

Completed:- 2021
Location:- Coledale - Granny Flat
Architect:- Progenia
Cost:- 120k
Type:- Granny Flat

The Transformation

When the granny flat was finished, we soon realised that although we had sourced low VOC products for the owner it wasn’t enough and was still giving off enough VOC to prevent her from moving in. Her parents now stay in there and it is being used as a rental & Airbnb.

On the main house we sourced very low or no VOC paints, insulation, glues and floor finishes etc which has worked perfectly, and the owners are over the moon with her having NO reactions at all.

This home was built with a concrete slab on ground and part of the living area over a timber floor due to the rapidly sloping land. The walls are built from double 90x35 pine which has R2.5 outer and R2.0 inner earth wool insulation. The ceiling has R6.0 batts in the roof and bulk R4.0 insulation in the timber floor over the living area. All the windows and doors are double glazed supplied by Rylock windows & doors. Additional drainage was installed behind the granny flat to help cope with the volume of water that comes down from the steep slope behind. A 3000L rainwater tank was installed as well being connected to the toilets etc. The granny flat power is also offset by the 5.5kw solar system installed on the main dwelling. Both dwellings also feed into a 3,500L septic tank and 10,000L collection well.

All products used were sourced for their low VOC content.

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