7 Time-Saving Tips for Renovating Your Home

Renovation can be an excellent way to get more from your home, make more room for your family, or embrace the latest and best technology or styling features. Ranging from low cost to almost the cost of a new home – renovations come in all shapes and sizes. As experts in making renovation dreams come true, the team at A Class Building and Construction have seen it all and have picked up some essential tips for renovation success along the way.  

There is a range of things to consider when planning a renovation, and like any major project, time will be one of the biggest considerations. For most renovations, there is time needed away from the property, especially for major works such as a kitchen remodel or extensions. To keep your life and routine flowing as consistently as possible, even during your biggest renovations – we’ve compiled 7 time-saving tips for success:

  1. Start with a clear plan 

Clear planning may sound obvious, but it can be the difference between weeks or months, in budget or over budget. If you know going into the renovation that you’re only renovating one section of the property and what you’d like to achieve, your contractor can give you a clear expectation of a completion date.

  1. Know what type of renovation you want

There are many things that are made achievable through renovation, including height or size extensions, enlarged rooms or living space, or an improved façade. A renovation such as new cabinetry or outdoor rendering will make the property look brand new and take the least time to achieve. Alternatively, if you’re planning on knocking walls down or adding on an extra level – the time budget will be much larger. In planning your renovation – it’s important to have a clear idea of how long your plans will take to achieve. 

  1. Compile your ideas 

There are so many options these days for blogging, journaling and compiling ideas. Start a Pinterest board, subscribe to home and living magazines or follow your favourite stylists on social media to gain plenty of inspiration before your renovation. Once you’ve got a clear vision and a stack of ideas, presenting them to your builder all at once will help them to understand what you want from your renovation. Additionally, they can suggest what is achievable and begin putting the plan into motion. 

  1. Get an accommodation backup plan 

As much as your builder will try to be well planned and predict every possible obstacle, there are scenarios during any renovation that may require you to move out of the premises. This can include the discovery of termites or wood rot, structural concerns or too much noise and disturbance for it to be practical. If you have a family member, friend, or short-term rental plan in your back pocket – your renovation will be able to run on schedule, saving you time and money long term. 

  1. Have a clear budget 

Determining a budget is the most integral part of the planning process, and it will often define the scope of the project and ultimately what you can achieve. Having a clear conversation with your broker or lender before approaching the builder will save you time in both the short and long term, as will having emergency funds tucked away in case any unexpected additions are needed. 

  1. Cover up instead of removing 

There are many exterior and interior features that can dull down the look and experience of a home, and it may be tempting to pull down the popcorn ceiling or rip up the dated archways. It is often possible to cover up certain elements instead of removing them with plastering, wooden features or even a new paint job. 

  1. Hire the experts 

Hiring a renovation specialist, builder or even an architect from the get-go will save you time in both planning and execution. Additionally, you will save money and energy by getting it right the first time and not overplanning or overspending. 

If you’re ready to get the most from your time and money in your next renovation, give the 
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