Top 7 Most Requested Modern Kitchen Designs

As more people spend more time at home, the kitchen becomes the focus of renovations, improvements, and overhauls. At the heart of your home, a kitchen's functionality, style, comfort, and layout are some of the essential things that make a house a home.

Every inch of a contemporary kitchen needs to have a purpose, with the space serving a variety of daily purposes. From the ability to support pandemic-inspired baking habits to busy family routines, your modern design should incorporate everything you will need in the short and long term.

As one of the first rooms that people get fed up with or rush to see during the initial house inspection, a modern kitchen renovation can be a game changer for how you use your space and for the value of your home. However, if the style doesn't suit your needs, it can quickly become burdensome and frustrating.

Well, you're in luck! In this post, you'll find the top requested modern kitchen designs so you can choose the style that best fits your next kitchen renovation or custom build. Use the following links to find the content you'd most prefer to read.

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What is a contemporary kitchen?

7 Most requested modern kitchen designs

How does your home design affect your kitchen layout?

Create the best kitchen layout for your home

If you'd like to build a custom home or are thinking about renovating your current kitchen, read on for more inspiration about modern kitchen designs and how to choose the best one for your home.

What is a contemporary kitchen?

White sleek and bright kitchen

Contemporary kitchens vary in their construction, so it can be hard to pick out one quintessential feature to describe them by. However, there are a few defining features of this home style. From luxurious marble splashbacks to sleek Scandinavian cabinetry, the hallmark characteristics of a modern kitchen are:

  • Function
  • Aesthetic
  • Technology


The head of UK Operations at Rotpunkt, Matt Phillips, believes that the kitchens of the future will be contemporary in style and ergonomically spacious with sustainable furniture, supporting the lifestyle of many families today. Custom-made furniture, hygienic surfaces and improved storage form the basis of many modern designs, complimented by bravery with colour and intelligent finishing touches.


Busy families value an intersection of function and lifestyle, with inclusions such as mud rooms and built-in wine coolers forming the basis of many dream kitchen briefs.

However, an aesthetic kitchen makeover can begin with something as simple as replacing your old vinyl cabinetry with crisp white cabinetry or embracing a minimalist design with striking black appliances and hidden storage. Whether you have a small or spacious kitchen, modern design ideas give your space a facelift in the most incredible way.


Modern homes are constantly moving towards a 'whole house' design. For your kitchen, this could mean a blended space with a decked-out kitchen island complete with an under-mount sink, an integrated dining area and even a home bar with a built in keg tap.

While maintaining a streamlined design, smart modern designs manage to incorporate sleek kitchen appliances and storage space while keeping style and functionality as the focal point.

7 Most-requested modern kitchen designs

There are so many things that go into a beautiful and successful modern kitchen. We've narrowed down seven kitchen designs that incorporate some of our favourite modern kitchen features to inspire your next home renovation.

1. Bold & colourful

Colourful yellow and blue tiled kitchen

Colour is finding its way into modern kitchen designs in a big way. When paired with natural materials such as white oak or timber, colour can make a kitchen feel instantly uplifted and updated.

Green, in particular, has quickly shot to stardom as the 'it' colour for modern kitchen designs. This is largely due to its reputation within interior design circles as a grounding colour that can create a luxurious yet calming appeal.

Adding colour is great for anybody who wants an effective and quick solution to their faded, outdated or out-of-style kitchen design. Additionally, for those who spend a lot of time in their kitchen, the calming effect of colours such as green can create a space you'll never want to leave.

2. Comfortable & timeless

Light grain wooden cabinet kitchen with high ceilings

One thing that has remained constant over time - kitchens can never have too much charm. Driven by a sense of bringing the old into the new, nostalgia and comfort take centre stage in a timeless kitchen design.

A timeless design can include something as permanent as stone or concrete floors or as changeable as personal objects, ceramics, and ornate glassware.

Timeless designs are perfect for those who value comfort and charm in their forever home. With spaces to add sentimental items, endless options for personalisation and a design that supports comfort, your kitchen will truly be the heart of the home.

3. Sleek & practical

Modern kitchen with a beautiful bouquet on the kitchen island

Modern innovation has sparked modern storage solutions. Nowadays, even a small footprint doesn't impact the amount of storage you can achieve. With hidden solutions such as corner units, a butler’s pantry, kitchen island storage and creative vertical storage, even the most extensive Tupperware collection can find its place in a sleek modern design.

Aesthetically, this design might feature white cabinets, wall ovens and adjustable stainless steel sink fittings to create a stylish and practical combination.

A sleek and practical kitchen design is perfect for the busy homemaker who doesn't want to compromise on style. With everything having its place, you can have a minimalistic design without needing to cull a thing.

4. Modern & modular

modern kitchen and living area

Two words that go together perfectly - modern and modular - kitchens of this style may feature a statement dining table, integrated storage, tall wooden doors, and automated functionality throughout.

With more than meets the eye, a modular design allows for flexibility and ease with a style that will match the most modern interiors.

This design is perfect for those concerned with keeping their finger on the pulse of modernity. With a new kitchen designed for the demands and aesthetic of modern life, your home will stand up to even the harshest critics.

5. Integrated & inclusive

White cabinet kitchen with wall cut out into living room

Kitchens are becoming an even more essential part of the home than ever before. With families spending more time indoors, the kitchen can be used for anything from a homework space to a zoom meeting room or a hub for family discussions.

Integrating the latest technologies, built-in appliances, a breakfast bar, and even a home bar for entertaining will allow your kitchen to meet the demands of lifestyle and practicality.

Integrated and inclusive kitchen features are perfect for those who jump from one task to the next, juggling many different duties and wearing many different hats. Go from homework to entertaining and winding down with ease, and let your kitchen do the work for you.

6. The working kitchen

Kitchen with four lather bar stools and work island

Taking the multi-functional space to the next level, the working kitchen includes an extra worktop space for those without a home office but with a demanding schedule. Making way for laptops, monitors, crafting tools and baking books galore, an integrated workspace keeps items away from mess and heat and allows you to focus on each task at hand.

A workspace in the kitchen can be an incredible asset for both the keen entrepreneur and the laser focussed businessperson. Whether you're writing a cookbook or trying to meet the latest deadline, you'll be grateful for your kitchen workspace time and time again.

7. Off the beaten track

Monochromatic white kitchen counters and cabinets

One of the best things to remember when designing your modern custom kitchen: there are no rules! No longer are kitchens a closed-off space with an oven here and a sink there.

Whether you want to embrace the sophistication of marble countertops, an all-white monochromatic kitchen, open shelf style, or put your kitchen at the front rather than the back, the options are endless!

A kitchen design that is a little 'off the beaten track' is perfect for anyone looking for a unique and personalised kitchen to suit their forever home. With a custom home builder on your side, you can truly create a kitchen that suits you down to the finest details. After all – you’ll be the one using it the most!

How does your home design affect your kitchen layout?

View into the kitchen from dark lit living room

While getting swept up in the excitement of your new kitchen design is easy, it's important to keep the parameters of your home's architecture at the forefront of your planning.

New home builds

If you're building a custom home from scratch, planning your entire home around the kitchen is not uncommon. Find your inspiration, settle on the kind of design that best suits your needs, and incorporate these ideas into your plans. Then, a quality new home builder can work with you to develop the perfect option to suit the rest of your home design, budget, and block of land.

Kitchen renovations

If you're renovating your home, however, the choices for your kitchen design will be somewhat limited by your home's existing architecture.

From a design perspective, it will help to understand what kind of architecture your home has, for example, a modern apartment or a historical Victorian terrace. This will help to keep your design cohesive and may even inform which walls can be removed or what alterations you can make to the floor plan. 

Create the best kitchen layout for your home

Luxurious Kitchen Range and Oven

A modern kitchen upgrade can boost the rest of the home into the present while supporting your every day needs. Partnering with a great luxury home builder who understands your needs and has the skills to meet them will quickly become an essential asset for your renovation or new home build.

Creating homes across the Wollongong region for over 15 years, nobody knows local homes and those who reside in them better than the A-Class team.

With endless inspiration, unwavering support, and the skills to back up our claims, we can create a new modern kitchen that will tick all your boxes for years to come. So, whether you're looking for greater comfort and more space as your family grows or starting from scratch with a custom new home build, we can help.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss making your kitchen dreams come to life.

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