Getting started with Bathroom Renovations: 10 Tips for a Successful Remodel

Renovating a bathroom is an exciting and challenging experience. 

It has the power to bring instant value to your home, shooting it into the 21st century and bringing style to otherwise drab spaces. 

Whether you live in Wollongong or the heart of Sydney, updating an outdated bathroom will make your home feel almost brand new. 

While bathroom renovations are a fun and effective way to improve your Wollongong home, it can feel overwhelming to get started. Having worked on hundreds of bathroom renovations ourselves (learn more about our bathroom renovations services here) we've narrowed our expert advice down to 10 top tips for bringing new life into your bathroom, so you can get started on your remodel with confidence and clarity about where to begin, what is important and what you should never forget during a remodel. 

Read on to discover more from our years of experience as bathroom renovators and dream home builders. 

Renovate your outdated bathroom with these helpful remodelling tips

Tip #1: Consider your budget

Blowing the budget is one of the most common and detrimental renovation mistakes. 

Planning your renovation budget carefully will ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Some of the most influential factors in the cost of a bathroom renovation are the plumbing needs, layout requirements and space size. 

The last thing you want is to spend too much on the counter and have nothing left for the tile of your dreams. 

Consider your must-haves and needs from your wants and those items that 'would be nice' to ensure you don't have budget regret. Additionally, many elements in your bathroom design will need the help of a professional and attempting to DIY them to save money is never advised. 

If you're short on pocket money, chat with your home lender or bank about ways to finance your reno to ensure it ticks all your boxes and is completed to a high quality. 

Tip #2: Plan your renovation timeline

Most renovations follow a similar pattern - planning, demolition, electrical and plumbing works, framing and plaster, painting, cabinetry and bathroom fixtures, doors and hardware, cleaning, flooring and finishing. 

There are many moving parts during your bathroom renovation that can be difficult to time perfectly without a professional. Depending on the severity of your renovation, there may be a period when you need to find temporary accommodation. 

Bathrooms are often a big project. Planning your renovation timeline strategically with a professional team will spare you from experiencing nasty surprises or hasty relocations when it comes time to rip up flooring or rearrange plumbing. 

Tip #3: Know the dimensions of your bathroom space

It's important not to start remodelling your bathroom before you have a proper understanding of its dimensions. 

Not all bathrooms are made equal or are meant to be remodelled the same. 

Keep track of important measurements such as the size of the tub, the amount of space from the floor to the mirror, the distance from the towel rack to the shower and whether there is enough space around the toilet. 

Remodelling with dimensions in mind will ensure you have a functional and comfortable bathroom and one that is lit, decorated and finished in the most stunning ways. 

Tip #4: Decide who to hire for the job

Bathroom renovations are rarely as simple as changing the lighting or slapping on a splash of paint. 

Having an expert to draw up your plans, source the best materials, pay attention to every detail and execute the renovation to a high standard will make all the difference to your short and long-term results. 

Unfortunately, a bathroom that an amateur renovates may not have the best finish or design, and the safety and compliance of the space cannot be guaranteed. 

Tip #5: Be aware of any structural changes required

Before you get carried away with creating a new floor plan for your bathroom, remember that not all structural changes are recommended or necessary. 

When it comes to your remodel, there will be do's and don'ts that you need to keep in mind based on the location of particular big items such as the bathtub, sink, shower and toilet. 

Changing elements such as the vanity will make a big difference to the space's look without you needing to rip out any plumbing or change any connections. If you can't avoid moving prominent elements in the bathroom, keep the toilet close to the existing pipework to prevent plumbing complications and costly repairs.  

Tip #6: Map out your vision for the new bathroom

Bathrooms these days are unique and varied, taking advantage of modern design, innovative materials and the ability to develop a unique aesthetic. 

Choosing a focal point, a unique point of difference or products you want to feature in the space can help refine your vision and clarify your design. 

Contemporary bathrooms have come a long way from the outhouse, and they embrace style and design just as much as comfort and function. Take the time to carefully map out your design to suit your vision for the space, matching the overall feel of your home and embracing a style that is uniquely you. 

Tip #7: Prioritise your must-haves

We all have things in our houses we would change if given a magic wand. 

While your bathroom renovation might need more than abracadabra, it provides the perfect opportunity to fix what has been annoying you from day dot. 

Not enough natural light? Install a skylight. Always getting mould? Improve the ventilation. Start your bathroom design by refining what is an absolute must, such as improving the function and comfort, before moving on to elements that would just look good. In doing so, consider choices that will help your home's efficiency and operation in the long run, and keep your future plans in mind - you may not be a 'bath' person now, but your future kids or post-renovation aching bones might be! 

Tip #8: Get familiar with bathroom finishes & materials

What materials and finishes do you associate with a bathroom? 

A whole lot of white porcelain and subway tiles? Think again! 

Bathroom materials have never been so diverse, creative and inclusive, meaning you can draw on the inspiration of the rest of your house to develop your bathroom plans. Take a stroll around your local bathroom or hardware stores to check out what's hot right now, and create a Pinterest board to get a clear picture of everything out there. 

When choosing materials, look for what is durable, budget-friendly, easy to maintain, resistant to heat and moisture and simple to install. Otherwise, the choices are endless! 

Tip #9: Look into your plumbing & electrical layout

When starting your bathroom from scratch, such as building a new ensuite or ripping out old-century pipework, you'll hear a lot about the 'rough in' process. This refers to all the work done behind walls and under flooring, which must be done by a professional. 

The rough-in must be completed before you work on any plaster, flooring or paint, preventing unnecessary damage and double handling. In addition, you'll need the schematic of your bathroom and a clear plan for where everything will end up, so your bathtub connections don't end up where the toilet should go! 

Tip #10: Consider other home renovations you may want to complete

Be warned: you may catch the renovation bug! 

Once you realise how modern, stylish, functional and value-adding a renovation is to one room, it can be tempting to continue into other parts of your home.

Keep these spaces in mind so you can plan for upgrades and improvements that will match the quality of your new bathroom. 

If you want to go the extra mile, discuss how you can make the most of the rest of your renovations with your designers while planning your bathroom.

Get inspired by our completed bathroom renovation projects.

It may look like matching the tiling with the laundry tiles or including the same basins throughout. Plan your bathroom as a piece of a larger puzzle, and your home will be as stunning and well-functional as can be. 

Bringing in the experts for your bathroom renovation will pay off time and time again, with high-quality materials, expert installation and a comprehensive and unique design for your home. 

If you're ready to make your bathroom come to life in all the best ways, get in touch with our experienced crew. 

We'd love to bring the A-Class difference to your bathroom! Learn more about our bathroom renovation service.

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