5 Signs You Should Demolish Instead of Renovate…

Knockdown rebuilds are quickly becoming a popular choice for homeowners who love their location but not so much their home. If you own a small, outdated or rundown property, you may be tempted to renovate, however, it isn’t always the most budget or time friendly option. A knockdown rebuild might be the best solution for you.

By knocking your home down and building a new one from scratch - not only can you get the exact home that you’ve been dreaming of, but you can stay in the location that you love, experiencing the benefits of the lifestyle you’ve worked hard to build. If you’re considering whether to knock your property down or to renovate, we are here to help.

We’ve listed the five main considerations to help with your decision so you can feel confident on the journey towards your dream home.

  1. You’ve run out of space

One of the most common reasons that families move is that they simply outgrow their homes. Kids grow up, the extended family moves in, or the layout is no longer conducive to the family’s routine or day to day life. When you’ve filled every nook and cranny, it can be tempting to add on a new room, knock down a wall or even add a granny flat, however – not all properties are built to suit extensive renovations. You may think it is necessary to leave the school you love or the perfect commute behind in search of a better layout for your family, but with a knockdown rebuild, this isn’t the case. By demolishing the old, small home and starting fresh with a new layout, you will be getting the location and the home that suits you perfectly.

  1. The property requires too much change

One of the main factors to consider with a renovation is the possibility that plans can often blow up, becoming more time consuming and expensive than originally assumed. If your home is old, there is a risk that hidden asbestos, wood rot or termites are lurking beneath the surface. If your property requires major changes to the floorplan, layout or structure – it may be much simpler, quicker and more affordable to knock the property down and start from scratch.

  1. You love the location but not the home

It is one of the oldest tropes in real estate for a reason – location, location, location. If you’re one of the many smart investors who bought the home for the location and now you’ve found yourself in cramped, old or outdated quarters, knocking the property down may be the perfect solution. All properties have an expiration date, and if the life expectancy of yours is creeping up fast, you may be looking at hundreds of thousands in replacements, upgrades and repairs. Avoid all of this with a knockdown rebuild.

  1. The location is worth more than the house

Good land is hard to find, and if you’re in a rare or popular location you could be sitting on a real estate goldmine, yet the property may be devaluing the land. With the house demolished, potential buyers will be able to visualise their design and layout, possibly making your land sell for a higher value.

  1. There are issues with the house beyond repair

Your budget should be one of the biggest considerations when deciding between a knockdown or a renovation. If there are major issues with the property, it can often be more budget-friendly to just knock the property down and start fresh. You will have the option to install more efficient systems, saving yourself money on home running costs and making your life more environmentally friendly.

Stylish raised two story home

Knocking down and rebuilding is simpler than you think. The NSW planning portal lists some important considerations about complying with development so you can be clear about the rules moving forward. Whether you’re needing further clarification around the planning rules that apply to your property, or if you’re excited to hit the ground running with your knockdown rebuild, we can help.

Our experienced and friendly team will walk with you every step of the way from paperwork to lock up with the world-class skills and local knowledge that we are known for. We love providing a stress-free journey toward your dream home, especially when we get to help families to stay in the location they love in a home that suits them perfectly. We use the latest building methods, training and technology during every custom design and build, bringing efficiency and modernity to every A-Class home. We make it possible to live in a home that is environmentally conscious, well planned and individually designed so that you can have the perfect home right down to the specifics.

To find out more about our knockdown rebuild process and for answers to the most common knockdown rebuild questions, click here.

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