Downsizing For Retirement? Consider A Knock Down Rebuild in Wollongong

How will you spend your time once life has slowed down? An early morning ocean swim or a dip in one of Wollongong's rock pools? A spot of fishing on Lake Illawarra at dusk? A stroll through the street markets or a trip to the art gallery? There is so much to love about our region that it makes sense never to want to leave your community or the 'forever house' where you raised your family.

When it comes time to find a smaller or lower maintenance home, there is a way to stay in the community you love in a house better suited to your future requirements. That option could be knocking down your dated home to rebuild one that costs less to run, is easier to care for and that you can 'lock and leave' if you please.

Considering downsizing in Wollongong? Let's look at how to do that without leaving the location you love and why a knock down rebuild could be the solution.

coledale granny flat knockdown rebuild

Why Knock Down and Rebuild When Downsizing?

A knock down rebuild involves the demolition of an existing home and the construction of a brand-new home in its place. Perhaps your home needs large-scale repairs, you'd like to save money on property-related running costs, or you want a single-level home that's easier to take care of. Or maybe you can't see how cramped bathrooms and narrow hallways will serve you in your golden years.

But you love your neighbourhood, the barista at your local coffee shop knows you by name and the health services you require now, and into the future, are close by. Knocking down your current home and rebuilding a higher-quality home is a smart move as you transition into the next season of life. It means you can spend your time and money doing more of the things and hobbies you love.

There are many reasons a knock down rebuild can be preferable over selling or renovating a home.

  • Affordability and lower price
  • Proximity to family, amenities and locations you already frequent
  • New house plans can be customised for comfort, accessibility and cost savings

Why not sell your home?

There are advantages to staying put, but not if your home can't accommodate your needs as you age. You could sell your house, but who's to say you'll find your dream home, one that suits your future requirements, in the area you already know and love?

If you've lived on the South Coast, particularly Wollongong, for some time, it's likely your land value has appreciated. Attempting to find a vacant block of land in these communities may be a difficult and expensive task. A knock down rebuild also saves on property taxes such as stamp duty. Depending on the style of house and materials you choose, a knock down rebuild can also be cheaper than house and land packages where the block size will likely be a lot smaller.

Why not renovate your home?

A knock down rebuild may sound daunting, but it is often more cost-effective than renovation. Following demolition, the building process is generally straightforward and not subject to cost blowouts and delays like a renovation can be.

A knock down rebuild also allows you to have a home design that better suits your needs and makes the most of your current block of land. For example, you may re-orientate your new home to capture better sea views, customise it with retirement living options, or change the facade from timber to a lower-maintenance option to save on the cost of repainting every few years. You could also choose to build a more sustainable home to beat the cost of rising bills, or even build a dual-occupancy home for passive income.

coledale granny flat knockdown rebuild kitchen

Why Retirement is the Best Time to Knock Down Rebuild

The great thing about a knock down rebuild for retirement is that retirees have the freedom to design a home that truly works for them. No children to consider, no employment or business worries to get in the way. The downsizing process is an opportunity to decide what's important to you as your lifestyles change and design and construct your home accordingly.

Perhaps you want a smaller kitchen now the only kids you have to feed are the grandkids. Maybe you'd prefer your living to happen all on one level. The downsizing journey with a knock down rebuild is all about creating a home that will fit in with your new lifestyle.

The 6 Steps to a Downsizing Knock Down Rebuild

coledale granny flat knockdown rebuild outdoor facade

Ready to Knock Down and Downsize?

A Class Building and Construction has helped many Wollongong homeowners knock down and rebuild one-of-a-kind custom homes that are better suited to modern needs. Retirement is a great time to reassess your requirements and rebuild in the area you know and love.

A Class Building and Construction will work with you throughout your downsizing journey to deliver a unique home that reflects your vision, lifestyle and budget through our collaborative, customer service-focused approach. To get started on your downsizing knock down rebuild, call us today on (02) 4208 3704 to book a building consultation with Wollongong's most innovative and respected building team.

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