Everything You Need to Know About a Knockdown Rebuild

If you’re wondering whether you should knock down and rebuild or renovate your current home, chances are you’ve heard of the term ‘knockdown rebuild’. A knockdown rebuild (KDR) simply refers to the demolition of an existing home or building for a new one to be rebuilt in its place.

Knockdown rebuilds provide a perfect solution for those who love where they live but not what they live in, don’t want to sacrifice their spot in the suburb, or want to avoid the costly process of buying new land.

The housing shortages that are occurring in most major Australian cities and popular lifestyle spots have made knockdown rebuilds shoot up the ladder as one of the most popular, affordable and efficient ways for people to get their dream home. 

The Benefits of a Knockdown Rebuild

Your dream home come true

A knock down and rebuild will allow you to have complete control over the process, the build and the design of your home. You no longer need to put up with the wrong cornices, off-colour paint jobs or awkward floor plans. Instead, you bask in the modern kitchen of your dreams.

Custom home builders work closely with you to plan the home you’ve always dreamt of, with no job too difficult or unique. By starting fresh on your block of land, your home will be perfectly angled to capture the best natural light and breezes of your area, and your floorplan will be customised to suit your family’s movements down to a science. 

A knock down rebuild also offers you the option to create your dream home anywhere. For example, if you currently live in Sydney and are thinking of relocating to Wollongong, look for land instead of a house. Even if the land has an existing house on the property, it can easily be knocked down and rebuilt to meet your living standards.

Save time, money and heartache 

Although home renovations can breathe new life into an old or run-down property, there are often elements that pop up that can add to your final bill and take you by surprise. Termites, wood rot or asbestos are the most common culprits of increased invoices, longer time spent away from home and the kind of stress that puts pressure on a family.

A well constructed knock down rebuild budget will ensure no hidden surprises along the way. 

Keep the lifestyle you love 

Changing schools, workplaces or even friendship groups can be an incredibly difficult and emotional task. When you demolish your home instead of renovating, you can keep the coffee shop you love, the commute you’re comfortable with and make your friends lifelong ones. Get the best of both worlds with the benefits of a perfect location plus the perks and comfort of a customised and freshly built home. 

The Process – explained 

So how does a knockdown rebuild work? What will it look like in real-time? We’re here to help and have broken it down into 5 clear stages. 

  1. Check the red tape 

Before you start knocking down walls and picking out furniture, it’s important to check with your local council that a knockdown rebuild is allowed and to get demolition approval. Most councils have tight restrictions around demolitions, especially if your home is heritage listed or if it is likely to negatively impact the wider community. Additionally, you will require an Asset Protection Permit for your demolition. 

Check the planning and building section of your state or territories website to attain the correct information. To access Wollongong’s demolition application process, click here

  1. Chat to a professional 

A demolition is the last thing you want to leave to an amateur, and the process is much more complex than just knocking down the walls with a sledgehammer. The best thing to do is contact a professional who specialises in knockdown rebuilds, such as our team at A Class, who can walk you through the process from start to finish. 

We will evaluate your property and your plans to discuss what is achievable and what the process will look like. It is crucial to contact a professional from the get-go so you know your entire build will be above board and top quality. 

  1. The demolition begins 

A demolition specialist will take care of your old home once proof of demolition approval can be attained, and before you know it your land will be clear of all building materials, vegetation and prior connections and ready for your new build. 

  1. Design your home!

This is where the fun starts! While the demolition crew are removing your old property, you get to design your new one, starting with what will work on your block size and moving on to select the perfect floorplan. 

  1. Build your home!

Once your old property is demolished and you’ve designed your new one with the help of a trusted professional, nothing stands between you and your dream home. The process will generally take less than a year from start to finish. 

A knockdown rebuild can feel daunting for anyone, but with a friendly, experienced and professional crew such as ours at A Class Building & Construction, you will feel informed and comfortable every step of the way. To discuss your land parameters, enquire about permits and red tape, or chat about your dream rebuild, contact us today. 

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